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Case studies

At Conservation Dental Centre we pride ourselves on providing private dental treatment of the highest quality. Below are some examples of our work.

Dental Treatment

Unsightly crowns

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of the crowns on her upper front teeth. She wanted straighter teeth and a more natural smile but did not want any orthodontic treatment. By reshaping her gum-line, replacing a badly positioned tooth and replacing the old crowns Martin was able to provide the patient with a beautiful new smile.

Dental Treatment

Painful tooth


This patient had had ongoing pain from a root-filled tooth. The tooth in question had continued infection despite her dentists root filling and x-rays showed that the root had been overfilled. Martin removed the old root filling, disinfected the root canals and placed a high quality root filling to leave the patient pain free.

Dental Treatment

Gap between front teeth


This patient was unhappy with the gap that had developed between her front teeth. After Kelly had treated the patient's gum problems Martin was able to build-up the front teeth using state-of-the-art bonding techniques to give a seamless result with no need for drilling or injections.

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